I believe in truth, compassion, and having a damn good time.

I work through my ideas by writing and talking about them, so I see most of them as works in progress. My bloodstream is about 50% coffee. I never miss reading a post from Seth Godin or Jenny Lawson. I spend many of my working hours on system-level public health service planning. I also write, give talks, and work with groups that have a positive impact on their communities.

I get jazzed about:

  • Tackling the Big Stuff, including public health, poverty, and social issues
  • Open data and making it meaningful for citizens
  • What happens to policy on its way to the real world
  • Sustainable organizational change
  • Philadelphia, in general
  • Building community
  • Everyday adventures
  • Donuts (or doughnuts, if you’re fancy)
  • Technology that inspires change
  • Learning how to do life better
  • Anything tacky and/or ridiculous

I am notably unenthusiastic about:

  • People talking to me before I have coffee
  • The movement against the Oxford comma
  • Jargon without purpose
  • Vegetarian/vegan foods that masquerade as meats
  • Microsoft Access
  • Other items on a case-by-case basis